I Don’t Always Talk About Individual Gigs . . . .

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But when I do, it’s because they’re . . . . different.

This past Sunday I had a wedding to play (on bagpipes) in Dutchess County, NY. I had played another gig in Hartford the day before, so I was already up in CT. The drive was very nice, mostly back roads heading due west from home. When I arrived at the location in a rural area, I knew something was up. Read the rest of this entry »

Playing On Cruise Ships

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This is something I get asked about a lot by students and other musicians. They’re always curious to know what it’s like to play on a cruise ship. Here are my thoughts about it.

I think playing on a couple of contracts out of music school is a great way to save some money and travel. A lot of guys will graduate with a music degree, then move to a scene and get a day job to pay the rent while trying to do as much as they can with music when they’re off the clock. This has worked for a lot of people, but in my experience, having a bank account saved up from playing on ships allows you to live for a year plus (depending on your rent situation) while focusing exclusively on playing, practicing, networking, and just generally focusing 100% on music. And that’s if Read the rest of this entry »

Footage from rehearsal

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Here’s some video from a recent rehearsal with a new trio. The group is Ben Hartenstein on guitar, Adam Benham (I also play with him in Air For Ants) and myself on bass. This is a really fun group, couple of monster players, looking forward to playing some gigs soon.

Reduced price on my record

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To go along with the launch of my new site, I have priced my album “Help I Lost My Body!” at $7, available right here on the homepage, as well as under the “Listen” section.

Welcome to my internet relaunch!

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Hello all! Welcome to my new web site. This is where you’ll be able to find out about all the things I’m doing. Check back often for new content! Or sometimes old content reposted as new content because no one saw the old content. YES! INTERNET GO!