Time For A New Album

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Right now I’m working on narrowing down which new compositions are going to make the cut for rehearsing a new record. So far this process has been very different. When I wrote my first album, I was at home in between cruise ship contracts, and every day I locked myself in the basement, standing at my midi controller with my bass strapped on, carefully and deliberately working on the tunes. This time around, I was simply going through sequences that I’ve put together in Propellerhead Record over the last couple of years, without a clear goal. With some of them, I had ideas that were separate that ended up together in a new sequence, and some of them were going for a very specific style that is very far away from my first record. But now I’m listening back and I can hear how the chords, melodies, and rhythms will work in a traditional group setting. I’m extremely excited to get working on the arrangements!

So this goes to show you, save everything you write, because when you start going through it all, you can put together something new and interesting!

And just a reminder, you can pick up my first album from CD Baby, or my Bandcamp from the “Listen” section of my web site.